Packaging Robots Integrator

ONExia Robotics is a division of ONExia Inc. focused on the automation of end of line packaging applications using collaborative robots.

Robotic Cell Drawing

Robotic Packaging Machinery

Automation that permanently solves the labor shortage!

Designed to automate repetitive manual processes typically done by human labor, ONExia's solutions are a cost effective, flexible alternative to standard packaging machinery.

  • Turn-key, collaborative packaging systems
  • Modular solutions for process automation on existing lines
  • Custom end-of-arm gripper and tooling design
  • On-site integration services and support

More than just packaging! ONExia offers complete custom machine and robotics integration services. To learn more, visit:

Packaging Line Design

ONExia's specialty is turn-key! Since 1984 our engineers having been designing, building and integrating custom solutions to automate manual processes.

Robotic Cell Drawing
Robotic Packaging System

Following our refined design process, we provide fully automated packing lines custom designed to meet production goals.

Robotic Packaging System

In-feed Conveyor Configurations

For applications that require additional conveyors, ONExia provides the design services, integration, and support directly.

  • Custom layouts - integrated with existing floor plans
  • Nesting pushers - assure product is correctly oriented for packing and shipping
  • Safety integration - e-stops for motor driven conveyors and pushers

Packaging Line Integration Services

What separates ONExia from other packaging automation companies is our in-house capabilities. From initial concept to acceptance testing, we control every aspect of the project.

Robotic Cell Drawing

Fabrication and Assembly

Every system is designed and built at our state-of-the-art facilty in Pennsylvania. With a full machine shop on hand much of the custom work needed is done in-house.

Custom Robotic Software

With a team of software engineers on hand, our robotic cells are controlled on a simple to use touchscreen interface. Additional services include:

  • Machine-to-machine communications
  • Data collection / database interaction
  • Remote access services

End of Arm Tooling & Grippers

When off-the-shelf grippers are not an option ONExia can provide custom tooling, both electric and pneumatic, that is designed to meet the specifics of your application.

Documentation, Training, & Support

Following deployment of the cell, we offer the service and support needed to assure the system meets your production goals.

  • Machine manuals and documentation
  • On site installation and training
  • Remote and on-site troubleshooting and support

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