Robotic Packaging Systems

A flexible, robotic alternative to traditional packaging machinery.

Turn-key, collaborative packaging line

Case Erectors | Case Packers | Palletizers

Using cobots, ONExia's robotic packaging solutions require no caging, guarding, or programming to operate.

Collaborative Robots

Struggling to find labor to keep up with production demand?

Cobots enable manufacturers to automate dull, repetitive, and ergonomically challenging processes freeing up existing labor to handle more value-added tasks.

Conveyor Configuration
Robotic Case Packer

Case Erector Track
Case Erector Robotic Arm Robotic Case Erector

Robotic Case Erectors

Automate the task of building and taping boxes with a cobot.

Featuring a minimal footprint, ONExia case erectors are collaborative and can be easily added to both new and existing packaging lines.

  • Fully collaborative design
  • Minimal integration to implement
  • No programming needed to operate
  • Easily adjusted to new box dimensions

FANUC Case Packer UR Case Packer
Robotic Case Packer

Robotic Case Packers

A flexible solution for pick and place applications on packaging lines.

Fully customizable, ONExia's collaborative case packers are a flexible alternative to standard packaging automation.

  • Fully collaborative design
  • Interchangeable custom end-effectors
  • Move between lines based on production demands
  • No programming needed to operate

Robotic Palletizers

A fully collaborative, turn-key palletizing solution.

ONExia palletizers are designed with the features needed to automate palletizing safely and successfully using a cobot.

  • Minimal footprint - no caging or guarding needed to operate
  • Quick deployment - requires a 110v outlet and an air line
  • Portable - built-in fork pockets within the welded base
  • Multi-pallet reach - stack pallets on either side of the cobot
  • Flexible design - easily adjusted for new pallet configurations
Robotic Palletizer
Universal Robots Palletizer FANUC Collaborative Palletizer