Universal Robots

Universal Robots line of collaborative robots provides a flexible alternative to standard industrial automation.

By using cobots, repetative, manual processes can be automated with a cost effective solution that safely operates in the same work environment as humans.

Certified Systems Integrator

Being a Universal Robots Certified Systems Integrator, our staff has the knowledge and training needed to implement collaborative robots into packaging applications.

Collaborative Robots

Integration Services

With over 100 cobots deployed, our integration team is ready to work with you on your packaging automation applications.

  • Turn-key robotic cells
  • Vision integration
  • Application programming
  • ROI calculations
  • Mobile pedestal design
  • Custom end-of-arm tooling
  • On-site and virtual support
  • Robot warranty services

More than just packaging! To learn more about our other work with Universal Robots, visit: onexia.com/universal-robots


E-series UR3

  • Payload: 3 kg
  • Reach: 500 mm

E-series UR5

  • Payload: 5 kg
  • Reach: 850 mm

E-series UR16

  • Payload: 16 kg
  • Reach: 900 mm

E-series UR10

  • Payload: 10 kg
  • Reach: 1300 mm

20 kg Payload Universal Robots Arm - UR20

The UR20 is the first of the next-generation high performance cobots from Universal Robots.

The UR20 has been redesigned from the ground up to provide up to 30% more speed and torque, advanced motion control capabilities, and first-class user experience.

  • Payload: 20 kg
  • Reach: 1750 mm

More information on the UR20 coming in 2023.

Collaborative Robots

Robotic Packaging Automation

Automate the dirty, dull, and ergonomically unsafe processes associated with end of line packaging.

  • Turn-key, fully automated packaging lines
  • Robotic case erectors
  • Case packer stations
  • Collaborative palletizers


PalletizUR - Collaborative Palletizer

Turn-key palletizing with a Universal Robots 10e cobot arm!

  • Universal Robots UR10e integrated "cobot" arm
  • Full control from an embedded touchscreen
  • Payloads up to 18 lbs (POC recommended)