Collaborative Robots

Struggling to meet consumer demand due to production issues on your packaging line?

Collaborative robots are a cost-effective alternative to standard packaging machinery that are designed to easily automate dull, repetitive tasks are tough to keep staffed.

Universal Robots collaborative robot
FANUC collaborative robot
Doosan collaborative robot

What are Collaborative Robots?

Collaborative robots or “cobots” are designed to safely operate without caging or guarding within the same work environment as human laborers.

  • Cost effective – up front cost of automation is significantly lower providing a faster ROI
  • Flexible – easily retooled and repurposed as production demands change
  • Safe design – meet high level industry standards that assure worker safety in collaborative applications
  • Easy to operate – tasks are taught through a touchscreen interface or teach pendant

Advantages of Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots are a permanent solution to the labor issues disrupting the production goals of today with the flexibility to adapt to future demands.

Minimal Footprint

Cobots can be added to current conveyor configurations and integrated with existing equipment eliminating unnecessary expenses from automating manual processes.

Maximize Existing Labor Potential

By automating the dull, ergonomically unsafe tasks that are difficult to fill, existing labor can be repurposed to handle higher value tasks that are tougher to automate.

Designed with the Future in Mind

Unlike traditional robotic automaton, cobots can be easily moved and repurposed as production demands change. Using the embedded software most transitions require no programming or on-site engineering assistance.

Robotic Packaging Line

With no guarding needed, multiple stages of a manufacturing process can be automated in a minimal footprint.

Robotic Packaging Line

Doosan Robotics Integrator
FANUC Integrator
FANUC Integrator
Universal Robots Integrator

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Packaging Automation

Cobots are the ideal solution for automating repetitive tasks within end of line manufacturing processes, specifically those that are becoming difficult to keep staffed.

Deploy Robots to the Simple Tasks

In end of line packaging processes, collaborative robots can easily replicate conventional labor output within a simple to operate, plug-and-play solution.

  • Assembly – flat shipper building and taping processes
  • Pick and Place – packing standard sized products into cases
  • Palletizing – stacking sealed cases for final shipment

Adapt with Future Demands

With the ability to quickly reposition and retool built-in, line changeovers can happen in minutes and can be handled by on-floor employees – no programming needed!

Learn more about automating end of line packaging tasks with collaborative robots.

Robotic Packaging Line

With no guarding needed, collaborative robots can operate with existing packaging machinery, elininating uneccesary production costs.

Robotic Packaging Line
Robotic Packaging Line