Robotic Case Erector

ONExia offers a turn-key collaborative robotic case erector systems that prepare flat cases for fulfillment on packaging lines.

Robotic Case Erector

End-of-line Packaging Automation

Using a Universal Robots cobot arm, our collaborative robotic case erector is an alternative to standard box erectors.

  • Integrated collaborative robot arm
  • Multiple flat shipper magazines
  • Optional top/bottom box taper
  • Driven end conveyor
  • Custom vacuum end-effector
  • Sturdy, robot pedestal
  • Easily added to existing conveyor layouts

Built with the future in mind, our collaborative case erectors can be adjusted to handle new case sizes as production changes.

High Capacity Case Erector

The high capacity robotic case erector picks from two flat shipper magazines providing the option to use two different case sizes with one arm or dual load with the same box size to decrease downtime when reloading.

Case former robot
Case Builder Robot

By using a collaborative robot this system requires no additional caging providing a space saving solution for both new and existing packaging lines.

Compact Case Erector

This compact case erector system features a single spring-loaded flat shipper magazine that can be loaded while the system is operating. Integrated with a case packer, this system provides a turn-key end-of-line packaging solution.

case erector HMI
Case Erector Magazine

Fully collaborative! This system features two collaborative robots with integrated safety scanners eliminating the need for guarding or caging.