Robotic Case Erector

ONExia Robotics offers a turn-key collaborative robotic case erector system that prepares flat cases for fulfillment on packaging lines.

End-of-line Packaging Automation

Using a Universal Robots cobot arm, our collaborative robotic case erector is an alternative to standard box erectors.

  • Integrated collaborative robot arm
  • Two flat shipper magazines
  • Bottom box taper
  • Driven end conveyor
  • Custom vacuum end-effector
  • Welded, mobile robot pedestal

Built with the future in mind, our collaborative case erectors can be adjusted to handle new case sizes as production changes.

Case former robot


  • Ready to run program installed on Polyscope
  • Compact, portable design
  • Integrates directly with taping machines
Custom End-Effector


  • Custom built, vacuum solution
  • Simple changeover of suction cups
  • Preprogrammed robot positions
Case Builder Robot


By using a collaborative robot we have eliminated the need for safety caging reducing the overall footprint of the system.

  • Optional safety scanner available