Palletizing Robots

The answer to your labor shortage! ONExia provides turn-key robotic palletizing systems that can be integrated into new and existing packaging lines.

Robotic Palletizing Systems

Each one of our palletizing robots provides a turn-key robotic solution that meets the production rates of today with flexibility to change with production demands.


Whether it is your first time implementing a robotic solution into your facility, or you are just looking to continue streamlining your process, our team provides the solutions that work for you.

Robotic Palletizing

Collaborative robot palletizers

Being collaborative means it works along-side workers, cage-free! This allows a robotic palletizing system to be added to an existing line without additional guarding or fencing making set-up simple and non-invasive.

Robotic Palletizing

Eliminate Manual Operations

By eliminating the manual processes of stacking boxes, workers are removed from a job where ergonomic injuries are likely to occur. This frees a valuable skilled laborer to work on a more value-added task.

Palletizing Software

Set-up & Software

Minimal integration means minimal set-up. Our collaborative palletizing robots only require a standard outlet and an air connection. Paired with the drag and drop software, production can begin in minutes!

PalletizUR - Collaborative Palletizer

Turn-key palletizing with a Universal Robots UR10e "cobot" arm! The PalletizUR comes ready to run out of the crate.

  • Universal Robots UR10e integrated "cobot" arm
  • No teach pendant - integrated HMI with custom software
  • Payloads up to 18 lbs (POC recommended)

The PalletizUR is a product of ONExia Inc., designed and built by our engineers in the USA!


PalletizHD - Heavy Duty Palletizer

By combining a high payload cobot with our palletizing robot base, the "HD" is ready for even tougher applications.

  • High payload cobot - featuring a 38 lb payload the "HD" can handle heavy cases that are tough to consistently stack or pick multiple cases at once for an increased output rate.
  • Increased vertical reach - the "HD" is capable of stacking pallets up to 90 inches in height.

The PalletizHD™ is a product of ONExia Inc., designed and built by our engineers in the USA!


PalletizCRX - FANUC Palletizer

Using the new FANUC CRX cobot, this turn-key palletizer provides a turn-key system for FANUC users looking for a collaborative solution.

  • Integrated FANUC CRX-10iA/L collaborative robot arm
  • Drag and drop pallet building on a dedicated HMI
  • Payloads up to 18 lbs (POC recommended)

The PalletizCRX™ is a product of ONExia Inc., designed and built by our engineers in the USA!


Gantry Palletizer

ONExia offers fully custom, turn-key gantry palletizing that are the ideal solution when payload, speed, and travel are all a factor within the application.

Robotic Gantry System

Utilizing our background in motion control and precision positioning, our team of engineers custom design and build a solution that integrates directly into brand new and existing packaging lines.

  • Turn-key, factory automation solution
  • Fully guarded with an integrated safety PLC
  • Custom end-effector for each application
  • Integrates with exisisting conveyors
  • Built to spec - customizable to your applications
  • Ideal solution for higher payload applications
Gantry Robot

Useability & Safety

Built specific to every application, our gantry palletizing systems can be directly integrated into both new and existing operations.

  • Aluminum extrusion frame
  • Interlocking aluminum guarding doors
  • Easily interage pallets within the work area

Custom Software

With a team of software engineers in-house, our gantry robots come pre-loaded with software customized to your application.

  • Simple user-interface
  • Customize positions specific to the operation
  • Stack light for systems alerts