Robotic Palletizer

Robotic palletizers automate the manual process of stacking boxes onto a pallet for final shipment.

Using collaborative robots, ONExia’s robotic palletizers require no caging or guarding to operate providing a flexible alternative to industrial packaging machinery.

Robotic Palletizing Systems

With minimal integration needed, ONExia collaborative palletizers can be added to existing packaging lines in minutes.

  • Collaborative - operates alongside humans with no physical caging or guarding needed
  • Durable & portable - welded steel frame that can be moved by forklift or pallet jack
  • Minimal integration - requires only a 110v outlet and standard air line to operate
  • No programming - drag-and-drop palletizing software on a touchscreen interface
PalletizHD - Collaborative Palletizer
Robotic Palletizer
Robotic Palletizer

NEW VIDEO: Every ONExia Collaborative Palletizer features a portable design that can be added to existing lines in minutes.

Advantages of Cobot Palletizers

Struggling to hire labor for your packaging lines? Deploy a collaborative robot.

Automate the dull, ergonomically unsafe task of palletizing boxes with a cost effective, robotic solution.

Minimal Footprint

By using a cobot the overall footprint of automation is comparable to the space required for manual palletizing.

Flexible Automation

Easily change out end-of-arm tooling and adjust pallet configurations without writing a line of code.

Industry Leading ROI

Cobots provide a cost effective alternative to centralized robotic palletizers providing an ROI of under one year.*

Repurpose Existing Labor

By automating palletizing, existing labor can repurposed to positions that are more difficult to automate and more desirable to work in.

*Running 3 shifts a day, actual ROI may vary based on production rates.

Doosan Robotics Integrator
FANUC Integrator
FANUC Integrator
Universal Robots Integrator

ONExia's partnered & preferred robot vendors.

Palletizing Software

Robotic automation without writing a line of code.

Every ONExia palletizer comes preloaded with the ONExia Palletizing Software preloaded on the touch screen interface.

  • Simplified usability – control through the entire palletizer through a single touchscreen interface
  • No programming – drag and drop pallet building interface
  • Pallet library - save and recall pallet configurations as production changes
  • User credentials - provide varying levels system of access based on username

Customizable Pallet Configurations

Using ONExia’s Palletizing Software end-users can customize pallet configurations without writing a line of code.

Slip Sheets

Simply teach the repeatable pick point and add a slip sheet layer to the pallet configuration, the software does the rest.

Label orientation

Select a reference edge on the touchscreen prior to dragging box into place, the cobot will face the label outward automatically.

Robotic Palletizing

Collaborative Robot Safety

Designed and built by ONExia Inc. in Pennsylvania, every palletizer features a collaborative safety rating.

Using collaborative robots from industry leading vendors and safety rated components, ONExia robotic palletizers have been reviewed by a third party and conform to the safety ratings necessary to run unguarded within palletizing applications.

Robotic Palletizing
Palletizer Gripper

Robotic Palletizing End-Effectors

Designed specific to each application, every ONExia Robotics Palletizer comes with the end-of-arm tooling needed to assure your cobot deployment is successful.

  • Dedicated vacuum pumps – in line with every suction cup for maximum vacuum capacity
  • Dual pick functionality – pick two cases at once for increased cycle time
  • Vacuum sensors – assure pick is successful prior to moving over the pallet
  • Tool changer – easily interchange grippers without powering down the system

Nesting Conveyor Design

Customized to fit existing conveyor layouts, ONExia’s infeed solutions provide a flexible nesting system that is controlled through the touchscreen and can be easily reconfigured for different case sizes in minutes.

  • Hand adjustable guide rails for single and dual pick options
  • Pneumatic nesting cylinder that is controlled through the palletizing software
  • Built-in presence sensors for indexing cases from the staging to pick location
  • Integrated e-stop for end-user safety
  • Plug and play design, no programming needed!

NEW VIDEO: Backed by the ONExia Robotics team of engineers, every collaborative palletizer comes with the custom hardware needed for simplified line changeover.


PalletizHD - Heavy Duty Palletizer

Using a high payload Doosan Robotics cobot, the PalletizHD palletizes heavy boxes with ease.

  • High payload cobot - featuring a 38 lb payload the "HD" can handle heavy cases that are tough to consistently stack or pick multiple cases at once for an increased output rate.
  • Increased vertical reach - the "HD" is capable of stacking pallets up to 105 inches in height.

PalletizUR - Collaborative Palletizer

Designed using a Universal Robots 10e cobot, the PalletizUR is a plug-and-play palletizing robot.

  • Integrated cobot - Universal Robots UR10e OEM arm
  • No teach pendant - fully controlled through a single touchscreen interface
  • Payload - up to 18 lbs (POC recommended)

PalletizCRX - FANUC Palletizer

Using the new FANUC CRX line of cobots, The PalletizCRX is FANUC palletizer users looking for a collaborative solution.

  • Integrated cobot - FANUC CRX-10iA/L cobot arm
  • Simplified design - a flexible alternative to centralized FANUC robotic palletizers
  • Payload - up to 18 lbs (POC recommended)