FANUC CRX Collaborative Robots

The FANUC CRX line of collaborative robots provide FANUC users a flexible solution for automating manual processes typically done by human labor. With varying sizes and payloads, the CRX cobots are easily integrated into robotic end-of-line packaging applications.

Why choose FANUC CRX cobots?

With over 750,000 robots in production worldwide, FANUC CRX collaborative robots are designed by industry leading experts in process automation.

  • Reliable design – zero maintenance for 8 years and the industrial reliablity FANUC is known for
  • Quick deployment – easily added to both new and existing processes
  • Safe design – no caging or guarding needed to operate
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FANUC Integrator Feature


  • Payload: 10 kg
  • Reach: 1,249 mm
FANUC Integrator Feature


  • Payload: 10 kg
  • Reach: 1,418 mm
FANUC Integrator Feature


  • Payload: 20 kg
  • Reach: 1,418 mm
FANUC Integrator Feature


  • Payload: 25 kg
  • Reach: 1,889 mm

End-of-line Packaging Automation

Automate the dirty, dull, and ergonomically unsafe tasks within your end of line operations.

  • Turn-key, fully automated collaborative lines
  • Case erector robots
  • Case packer stations
  • Collaborative palletizers
FANUC CRX Case Packer


PalletizCRX - FANUC Palletizer

Using the new FANUC CRX cobot, The PalletizCRX is ideal FANUC users looking for a collaborative solution.

  • Integrated FANUC CRX-10iA/L cobot arm
  • Drag and drop pallet building on a dedicated HMI
  • Payloads up to 18 lbs (POC recommended)