Manufacturing Robots

As the technology continues to evolve, robots are able to perform a large variety of tasks in almost every industry. ONExia Robotics provides our customers the service and solutions needed to be competitive within their industry; both in the national and global marketplace.

Custom Robotic Cell

Industry Specific Solutions

Our team works directly with our customers engineering team to ensure our robotic cells meet the needs that make every industry unique.

Whether it is issues within the work environment or federal regulations specific to the manufacturing operation, our team ensures that our solutions will be successful and meet the goals of the project.

Our diverse portfolio of custom robotic cells shows firsthand our ability to integrate robotics into almost any industry.

Robot Applications

Packaging Robot

Packaging Robots

Using both collaborative and industrial robots, we can provide fully automated turn-key systems for case building, case packing, and palletizing applications.

Plastics Industry Robotic Cell

Plastics Industry Automation

By integrating directly with blow-mold and injection molding machines, we can provide turn-key machine tending and packaging solutions.

Electronic Assembly Robot

Robots for Electronic Assembly

Using a robotic cell, complex circuit assembly applications can automated that meet production demands.

Medical Robotic Cell

Medical Device Assembly Robots

We provide turn-key solutions for medical device assembly and flexible solutions for lab automation applications.

Consumer Products

From basic product assembly to sorting and kitting our robotic cells can be custom built to meet your application specifics.

Food & Beverage

Focusing on the packaging side of the industry, we provide turn-key systems that meet customer production rates.


From basic product assembly to complex circuit building our robotic cells can be custom built to meet your application specifics.


Whether it is high speed, industrial solutions to flexible machine tending cells we provide systems that keep up with your production demand.