Plastics Industry Robotics

Machine Tending - Takeout Robot

The ONExia Takeout Robot is a turn-key custom robotic cell designed to integrate directly with almost any blow mold machine.

Blow Mold Machine Tending

Built with flexibilty in mind the Takeout Robots are easily reprogrammed as production changes.

  • Turn-key system using a collaborative robot
  • Integrates directly with blow mold machines
  • Requires a standard 120 volt outlet & airline
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to operate - simple changeover
  • Can be adapted to any blow mold machine

Case Packer Robotic Cell

Designed specifically for the plastics industry, this turn-key robotic cell has many features designed to meet the industry specific demands associated with custom plastic parts.

Turn-key Process Automation

Built specifically for the plastics industry, this system can handle unique shaped parts with ease.

  • Uses a collaborative robot
  • Automated box presentation for unique parts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Integrates with existing conveyor confingurations
  • Customizable for a wide range of plastic containers or parts