Medical Device Assembly

Automated Robotic Assembly

With over 35 years of experience our team is able to build custom robotic cells that keep up with industry demand without sacrificing the high level of product quality associated with medical devices.

Custom Assembly Robotic Cell

This highly precise medical device assembly cell integrates directly with other stations to apply adhesive and assemble components to make the final product.

  • Turn-key system using an industrial robot
  • Integrates directly with other manufacturing stations
  • Incorporates components specified by customer
  • Custom software on a simplified user interface
  • Minimal downtime - no human needed for assembly
medical assembly robot
medical robot cell


  • Welded base and safety hard-guarding
  • Custom HMI with simplified UI
  • Realtime production analytics
medical robot enclosure


  • Labeled with diagrams included
  • Built in lighting
  • Locking door with safety switches
medical assembly robot


  • Industrial, articulated robot arm
  • Custom designed end-effector
  • Track throughput in real-time

Robotic Well Plate Assembly

By using a robot, this turn-key cell is able to assemble well plates without human interaction.

  • Turn-key system using a SCARA robot
  • Built to integrate with existing conveyor lines
  • Custom software - run without an engineer!
  • Magazine style part infeed for limited human interaction
  • Custom designed end-effector
  • Can be adapted to any blow mold machine
  • Customizable for a wide range of plastic containers or parts
medical robot enclosure