Packaging Robots

End-of-line Automation

Robotic solutions for every step in the packaging process! Featuring a modular design, all of our solutions can be added to both new and existing lines.

Robotic Packaging Systems

All of our systems are turn-key and customized to fit each specific application.

  • Case erector robots
  • Case packer robots
  • Palletizing robots
  • Inspection, verification, and reject stations
  • Conveyor configurations

By utilizing a modular design many of our solutions can be integrated with existing equipment currently deployed in your manufacturing processes.

robotic case erector

Robotic Case Erector

Using a Universal Robots cobot arm, our collaborative robotic case erector is an alternative to standard box erectors.

robotic case packer

Robotic Case Packer

Featuring an optional mobile pedestal, our robotic case packer can be added directly to existing lines with minimal integration.

Compact Case Erector and Case Packer

Utilizing two Universal Robots cobots, this turn-key system has a minimal footprint and features for simplified usability.

  • Two integrated collaborative robots
  • One flat shipper magazine
  • Custom end-effector designed to application specs
  • HMI with custom software - no programming!
  • Built to work with existing conveyor layouts
  • Sturdy aluminum base with leveling feet
palletizing robot

Robotic Palletizers

ONExia offers a variety of robotic palletizers that can be easily added to existing packaging lines where the labor shortage may be an issue.


  • Turn-key solutions
  • Sized to meet cycle times
  • On-board drag-and-drop software
  • Custom vacuum end-effectors


Based on application needs, our engineers work directly with every customer to ensure that our palletizing robots meet their facility safety standards.

Sorting, Labeling & Inspecting Stations

Solutions built to me end-user specifications. All of our packaging products can easily have additional auxiliary equipment added to solve the needs of the application.


  • Placed after the case packing robot in packaging line
  • Labels are put on box at specified location


  • Orientation / quality control verification
  • Label verification

Reject Station

  • If boxes fail inspection, a reject conveyor can be added
  • Nesting cylinder / reject pusher included
Box Labeler
Box Sorter