Robots for Manufacturing

ONExia Robotics provides our customers fully with customized, turn-key robotic automation solutions designed to meet the manufacturing goals of today with the flexibility to adjust as productions demands change.

Custom Robotic Automation

Ready to work upon delivery, our automation solutions start providing a return on investment from day one.

Within our 35+ years of industry experience we have built many custom solutions that can be quickly adjusted to work in applications that other manufacturers may have, saving engineering time and shortening lead times.

Whether you are looking for a simple pick and place solution, or a completely customized turn-key robotic cell, the engineering team at ONExia has you covered!

Cobot Automation

Palletizing Automation

ONExia offers a variety of palletizing robots that can are designed to meet the unique demands that your application requires.

Palletizing Robot

Robotic Palletizers

Our engineering team works directly with every customer to provide a palletizing solution that meets the specifics of their application.

With a vast knowledge of robots and their brands, we can integrate a solution that not only works for you, but also has the technology on-board your operations are currently using.

Case Packer Robots

Designed to meet the production demands of each customers our case packing robots are ready to work.

Automated Packaging Solutions

Whether your application requires a complete turn-key robotic cell or a collaborative robot on a mobile pedestal our engineering team can provide a solution that meets your application needs.

Case Packing Robot

Case Erector Robots

Case Builder Robot

Robotic Box Former

Based on application requirements, ONExia can provide a completely automated robotic cell or a “cobot” arm to run flat shippers through an existing builder / taper in your facility.