Cartesian Robot

ONEreach Cartesian Robot

A cost effective cartesian robot backed by the EASYreach Software that requires no programming!

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Each ONEreach System Includes

  • EASYreach Software with preloaded routines
  • 10” Touch screen operator interface mounted in a non-metallic enclosure
  • ONEreach cartesian robot, configured as specified
  • Hand controller
  • Steel NEMA 12 control enclosure, for separate mounting
  • Pneumatic filter/regulator, for separate mounting
  • All interconnecting cables and tubing
  • 8 input / outputs (assignable)
  • Optional floor stands available

Configurations & Connectivity

  • Wide range of sizes to accomodate applications up to 1800 mm (70.9”) of travel
  • Available in X-Z, X-Y, X-Y-Z and X-Y-Z-Theta configurations
  • Easy to interface with other controls, to provide READY, DONE, ALARM and other signals

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Cartesian Robot Specification

  • X Travel: Models from 634 mm (24.9”) to 1469 mm (57.8”)
  • Y Travel (optional): Models from 306 mm (12”) to 1469 mm (57.8”)
  • Z Travel: 150 mm (5.9”), 300 mm (11.8”), or 450 mm (17.1”)
  • Theta (optional): +/- 180 degrees
  • Speed (linear): 600 mm/sec (23.6 in/sec)
  • Speed (rotary): 2 rev/sec
  • Payload: 4.5 kg (10 lbs)
  • Thrust: 185N (41.6 lbs)
  • Repeatability: +/- 1.5 mm (+/- .06”)
  • Acceleration: 1 G all axes
  • Controller: Touchscreen with ONExia EASYreach™ software application
  • Mounting: Floor mount or ceiling mount, optional floor stands available
  • Safety: Emergency stop push button mounted at controller
  • Guarding: Optional enclosure with safety interlocked doors are available

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A Custom Built Cartesian Robot

Have a special application that an off the shelf system is not the solution? ONExia Robotics has the ability to build a completely custom cartesian robot to fit your application. All of our ONEreach+ systems are backed by the EASYreach software that requires no programming!

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For more information about a ONEreach+ custom cartesian robot with the EASYreach Software please submit a quote. We will contact you within 1 business day to start the design process.

Preloaded Routines Within the EASYreach Software

Eliminate Reprogramming Costs & Changeover Time

With the EASYreach Software users can teach the robot a new task in minutes using the hand controller and touch screen interface. EASYreach includes 8 preset tasks that walk the user through the process.

Box Packing
Part Transfer
part transfer
Machine Tending
machine tending

Hover task buttons for detailed description

Featured Application

Box Packing

The EASYreach Software enables the ONEreach cartesian robot to be a the perfect solution for packaging lines that do limited production or need quick changeover.

ONEreach Feature App

When training the box packing task the user is prompted through the intuitive software to set the following options:

  • Signals: Begin task, begin pick & place
  • Output: After pick, after place & finish
  • End location: Clear workspace

Type of Pick & Place Locations

With EASYreach the end user can select from the following three options for both the pick & place locations.


Layer Options for Pick & Place Locations

For box packing applications the task can be caught to include an interleaf and a layer separator within the task.


For a detailed overview of all the features and preloaded tasks withing the EASYreach Software visit the Software section of our website.

All of our robots are proudly made in United States of America.