Cost effective robots backed by the EASYreach Software that requires no programming!

Based out of West Chester, PA ONExia Robotics is a new product line of ONExia Inc. Our goal is to provide cost effective robotic solutions for businesses that currently cannot afford to automate their processes.

Using our EASYreach Software users teach the robot a task in minutes minimizing downtime and eliminating programming costs.

See ONExia Robotics in Action

See how easy teaching a task is firsthand. Join us at one of our upcoming events for a hands on demonstration of the EASYreach Software.

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ONExia Robotics Products

ONExia Robotics robots: the ONEreach Cartesian Robot and the ONEreach TTR (table top robot). Both are backed by the EASYreach Software that requires no programming!


Cartesian Robot


The ONEreach is a cartesian robot that can be customized to fit your workspace and can have up to 4 axes of motion. Each ONEreach comes with a 10" touchscreen interface preloaded with the EASYreach Software and a hand controller.

Cartesian Robot ONEreach Logo

Table Top Robot

ONEreach TTR

The ONEreach TTR is a table top robot that can have up to 4 axes of motion and can have a variety of end of arm tooling mounted to work in your applications. The robot comes with the EASYreach Software that is easily loaded on a PC.

Table Top Robot TTR Logo


End of Arm Tooling

ONExia Robotics offers a variety of grippers and end of arm tooling that can be customized to fit your apllications.

Robotic Gripper

Robotics Software


Using a hand control and touch screen interface tasks are taught in minutes. The EASYreach Software comes with 8 preloaded routines that walk the user through the teaching process.

Software Header

Preloaded Routines Within the EASYreach Software

Eliminate Reprogramming Costs & Changeover Time

Box Packing
Part Transfer
part transfer
Machine Tending
machine tending

Hover task buttons for detailed description

After a preloaded routine is selected the end user is walked through a step-by-step process to simply teach the robot a new task.

All of our robots are proudly made in United States of America.